Gratitude Journaling

In Christian Women’s Job Corps we start each morning writing down 10 things we are grateful for in our journals. We make a choice to focus on things in our lives that we can be grateful for. After we spend a few minutes quietly reflecting and jotting down what comes to mind that morning, we have a share time for people to tell the rest of our group something they are grateful for. Often times, these grateful journals become very important for our participants. Some will tell me they are keeping them up even months after graduation. We also include a section in our journals for scripture memory and written prayers. To add a little personality to our drug store black and white compositio

Is God Good to You?

Have you wondered lately where God was? Why are bad things happening to me and my friends when we love Jesus and are trying to walk in a way that pleases Him. This is a question that all Christians face and work through. So don’t be afraid to pose the question. When we are having these thoughts the problem is perspective. We are looking at the world through our eyes, not God’s. You see, as Christians our purpose is the glory of God. It is not living a comfortable, carefree existence. Please be weary of evangelist that give the prosperity message. They tell us that we just need to focus on positives and draw them to us. This is not biblical. It gives us way too much power. Those tha

Rebuking Helplessness, Healing of the Man Born Blind

Learned Helplessness is a real psychological condition that scientist have explored for generations. In Psychology Today Joachim I Krueger Ph. D. speaks to this issue.T The concept of learned helplessness is among the most recognizable in psychology. Coming out of animal labs at the University of Pennsylvania during the 1960s, learned helplessness soon became a model for human depression. One of the behavioral hallmarks of depression is that the afflicted have ceased to explore their world. Some do very little of anything, or what they do is limited to routine tasks. That itself can only be depressing and it thus has a self-reinforcing quality. The key idea underlying learned helplessness is

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